Saturday, August 2, 2008

All Ten Years

It started exactly in ten years ago, it was summer 1998, we set up the 1st exhibition in Parkingallery, it was an exhibition of my Drawings, paintings and Installation for a week, we used Ropes and wooden clips ( the ones which are used to keep the cloths when they are put to dry!), and festive light balls! we cleaned the parking it was used as a storage place before for my uncle's Wood Workshop, my Grandfather Davoud Ghasemi was a Carpenter, any way we painted the walls white and it was ready I'm searching the archive to find the poster of this event to post in here in the blog , because it would be counted our designed1st poster/flyer, then I will go through our logos to show its progress.


Hamid Shavarean said...

so good, a major progress...! i hope successful for you and parkingallery

Anonymous said...

I felt nostalgic even though I wasn't there 10 years ago! Congratulations for hard and constant work. Keep up the good job :)