Wednesday, April 22, 2009

2 posters in 20th Inl. Poster and Graphic Arts Festival of Chaumont

2 posters from parkingallery studio, designed by Amirali Ghasemi in 20th International Poster and Graphic Arts
Festival of Chaumont

2009 may, 16th / june, 14th
The Massive Calm
100x70 cm, 2008, 2 color Offset

Unofficial Methodology of Nationwide Census
100x70 cm,2007, 2 color silk screen
Printed at Dara Print Studio

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Eddie the cat

Our muse in the parkingallery happened to be a cat, Yes, Eddie the cat, his playfulness at the same time that he seems very lost, give us a pure source of energy which was gone for a while, originally adopted from Farhad and Azadeh's flat, he has found a new home in parking and made lots of friends, he even opened an account on yahoo 360!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Organizing the Parkingallery's Poster Archive

Last week I spent my time, Organizing the Parkingallery's Poster Archive and it has been a pure pleasure remembering all those time, but sadly some of the posters which were rolled and slightly out of their original form, but I'm happy as finally managed to buy one of those metal drawers to keep them safe and clear from dust, and also its much more easier to reach them, soon we will publish a call for poster to add to the collection, these are the posters which I've been collection since 9 years, still a long way to go ....

Saturday, August 2, 2008

All Ten Years

It started exactly in ten years ago, it was summer 1998, we set up the 1st exhibition in Parkingallery, it was an exhibition of my Drawings, paintings and Installation for a week, we used Ropes and wooden clips ( the ones which are used to keep the cloths when they are put to dry!), and festive light balls! we cleaned the parking it was used as a storage place before for my uncle's Wood Workshop, my Grandfather Davoud Ghasemi was a Carpenter, any way we painted the walls white and it was ready I'm searching the archive to find the poster of this event to post in here in the blog , because it would be counted our designed1st poster/flyer, then I will go through our logos to show its progress.